Hepzibah Nanna Is A Fraud

Fraud. Con Artist. Scammer. All adjectives that can best describe the young Hepzibah a.k.a. Caitlyn Nanna who currently resides on a cul-de-sac in Villa Rica, Georgia.

But, first who is Hepzibah the young bleach blonde who says Jesus told her to change her name from Caitlyn to the Hebrew name Hepzibah, and who claims to be a traveling revivalist? Hepzi as her merry band of fellow con artists and duped followers call her was adopted at 1-years-old in Florida. The young girl never knew her real parents — homeless wanderers by all accounts — maybe that’s where the skill in running cons come from.

One would assume that since she was adopted by the Nanna’s and has stayed with them ever since she had a pretty decent upbringing, however the 27-year-old Hepzi claims she is a long suffering victim of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse, at the hands of a Luciferian cult that she claims is still after her.

That alone would shock anyone however the shit gets deeper. Hepzi also claims to be a member of the Collins family – a branch of the Illuminati – through her birth parents. By virtue of this blood she also claims to be related to Donald Trump. Even that dubious claim isn’t the full depth of her lies.

Hepzibah regularly brags about being the “Spiritual Adviser” to not only former President Barack Obama, but also Hillary Clinton. Both of whom she claims to remain in regular contact with.

There’s no limit to people, often suffering from mental illness, who claim to be related to famous people, or even secret lovers or adviser’s to them. However Caitlyn and her ‘ministry partner‘ Johnny Matthes use this bullshit claim to regularly elicit donations from gullible, kind-hearted  people who believe the two are doing the ‘Lord’s work.’

No matter your religious or political beliefs the impact of Cait and Johnny’s lies on people is truly sad.

On her Twitter Official Not My President Hepzi regularly claims to have insider information concerning palace intrigue within the White House, terrorist attacks orchestrated by what she calls the “cult” or the “collective Nazi’s,” and claims to be repeatedly threatened by the likes of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

This investigation into the young ‘revivalist’ began several months ago and has taken exhaustive steps to discredit her lies.

For starters Hepzibah claims to be a spiritual adviser to Hillary Clinton, as mentioned above, she even published in February a letter purportedly from Hillary Clinton confirming the relationship.


Notice the endorsement doesn’t come on any official stationary, but in an email from a dubious sounding email address: Hillaryxxxxxx@gmail.com (Who is HillaryXXXXXX a fucking pornstar?) The email isn’t from a Hillary.com server, despite the risk of continued hacking by Russia or God-only knows who – but a regular G-Mail account. Pathetic.

Now if Hillary Clinton grew deeper in the Lord as the fake endorsement says, wouldn’t she mention Hepzi in her book What Happened? After all the book is about her campaign and those around her that supported her, in the first pages she even mentions her Methodist faith. However a search of Clinton’s book finds no mention of the 27-year-old Hepzibah Nanna from Georgia. Which is funny since she took time out of her busy day to “write an endorsement” but doesn’t mention the woman at all in her book.


Debunking the claim that Cait served as a spiritual adviser to the Clinton’s and Obama’s was exhaustive and took time despite the presumption that it be so easy. Why? Because it required going through official channels, contacting former campaign staff who knew someone, who knew someone. People with real careers and busy lives who necessarily couldn’t be bothered with a 20-something con artist, whose claims would normally be debunked by normal thinking people.

However Hillary Clinton’s Director of Correspondence, Robert Russo did contact us — by email albeit a brief one. (We’ve blocked out his email so he isn’t harassed by the Hepzi-bots)


On top of her many other dubious claims Hepzibah tells her followers that she is suffering from Stage IV Bone Cancer and HIV/AIDS. However she takes no medicine for either disease.

According to the Cancer Centers of America, Stage 4 Bone Cancer is no joke:

Stage IV bone cancer is the most advanced form of the disease. In stage IV, the cancer has spread beyond the bone to other areas of the body. For bone cancer, staging also takes into account how abnormal the cells look under the microscope (the grade).

Why doesn’t she take medicine, or receive treatment? Well that’s easy, the “cult” has paid off any doctor she has sought treatment from, even though her father works at a facility that gives radiation to cancer patients.


A few weeks ago a former follower asked Caitlyn to tell her what her current CD4 Levels were, something she would know if she was suffering from HIV/AIDS. What are CD4 Levels you ask according to the U.S Department of Veteran’s website:

These are the cells that the HIV virus kills. As HIV infection progresses, the number of these cells declines. When the CD4 count drops below 200 due to advanced HIV disease, a person is diagnosed with AIDS. A normal range for CD4 cells is about 500-1,500.

Of course Caitlyn had no response other than to claim the woman was working for the CIA:


As of late Caitlyn has claimed that her “ministry partner” is homeless and in typical Hepzi fashion she has begged her followers for money:


However a check of public records reveal that Johnny Matthes (aka Scott Jehu Jackson on social media) has numerous family in California and resides in Fresno, California in a beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment pictured below:


The lies have no bounds and legally amount to fraud. Her ‘ministry’ The Lion Triumphs has none of the legal safeguards to maintain records or verify that the money given to Cait goes to doing “the Lords work.

Those who donate are simply paying for Hepzibah “Cait” Nanna to go on trips that have included Hawaii, California, Canada and Alaska. The latter being where she brought a Luciferian vampire who controlled the Illuminati name Cain to Jesus:


The bottom line is Hepzibah Nanna is a fraud.

She does not have Cancer.

She does not have AIDS.

She is not, and has never been a spiritual adviser to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

She is a con artist.

31 thoughts on “Hepzibah Nanna Is A Fraud

  1. Great article and dead on. Curious if you’ve given this info to the FBI or Clintons team (even daughter)/Obama? Also notifying Twitter? Someone needs to get these frauds charged and stopped already. I cringe with every post I see from them…most decent points always ironically condemning someone for exactly what they are themselves doing. Working in healthcare, I can verify that yes, those claims are utter BS.

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      1. FBI website lays it out. Very simple to report things and give leads. Had to use it last year for something unrelated


    1. Hepzibah says in the link you posted that Bruce Jenner is good. He is a transgender. And I have also saw hepzibah post that the Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality. What kind of a minister is she supposed to be? She lies about everything, is obsessed with being raped and has fantasies about, loves gays and transgenders, threatens people, slanders, is hooked on drugs and cons people out of money. She doesn’t even sound like a Christian.


    1. Hi, I am Millie Radosti. This is an old article she had submittied when I was running a women’s ministry to help ladies dealing with rejection and accountability. It was many years ago and we are no longer affiliated with her for many years now. We have a different ministry name and have tried to delete this website. I’m not sure why this page is still up. Sorry for the confusion.


      1. Hepzi continues to wreak havoc on unsuspecting people who are interested in helping others. She’s still fraudulently getting people to give her money. I’m in a group of about 10 ex Avocado Warriors. She’s been reported to the FBI. And information was sent to her father. It was hard to read here that she’s been scamming people since 2011! When is this going to end?


  2. Whoops the 3rd one she just submitted entries to, my apologies. I did find a page that I screenshotted of her claiming connection to Kim Jong Un. Also screenshots of her taking polls for a new ministry and its name to be on the lookout for


  3. She is a Fraud and she is a very good Manipulator she has lied to many people and she also scammed me to belive she was a good person


  4. You forgot to mention that she consistently claims to be the girlfriend of Robert Rothschild the grandson of billionaire, Jacob Rothschild. Jacob, who, by the way, was the one responsible for election-gate, not Putin/Russia. Then Jacob got ”got out of it” The girl is a trip!


  5. I asked her to produce photos of her and Clinton and the Obama’s. I mean if she was their spiritual adviser she should have photos of them together right? I also asked for screenshots of those threatening texts she claims are from Bannon. After I started asking questions and asking for proof, she blocked me.


  6. This person needs to be stopped with her obvious, blatant LIES in Yeshua’s holy Name.
    It is quite obvious that she is not the Clinton’s advisor. One must be naive to believe that. Nearly 99,95% of her statements are LIES. People must be warned against this FRAUD and her associate.


  7. She has a lot of followers on Facebook who believe her lies. She posts about suffering from bone cancer and tons of people comment with prayers and encouragement. They believe her fraud. I know she doesn’t have cancer people with bone cancer for years like she claims aren’t fat like her. She is very overweight and obviously not dying of cancer as a sign of cancer is rapid weight loss not gain. More people need to see the blogs about her fraud. If you google Hepzibah nanna these fraud blogs are the first to show up. It’s too bad more people aren’t googling her. They need to check her out. Thank you for putting up this blog.


    1. This is exactly what I thought: patients with bone cancer do not look that fat and healthy…if she was terminal, would she really spend so many hours on the computer? Unfortunately you are right: many FB followers blindly believe what she says.


    1. Yes, I can say this girl is a scam artist and a predator! I knew her back as far as 2011 on FB. She is a member of a cult. During the period I knew her she was scamming abuse victims, stealing stories and publishing others stories of abuse. She got called out. She is despised in the grossly, abused SRA victim community. Not only in the USA but across the globe.


  8. I feel so foolish. I was found by Hepzi and believed all of the things she told me. My daughter told me from the beginning, more than a year ago that something wasn’t right with her. Hepzi did mention to me before about buying opioids and also pain killers on the internet from the UK. I repeatedly asked her why she didn’t go to the doctor and she always said she had no insurance. I have a ton of texts from her. When I confronted her about this article, she went ballistic on me. I had never ever seen that side to her before. I’m an atheist so it was never about the Jesus aspect. It was about her taking advantage of my kindness and feeling sorry for her and “Johnny”. She also had another male friend but I can’t remember his name. After reading this article, I googled her for the first time and was dumbfounded by the information I found. She’s made so many claims against the c*lt as she refers to them. She’s now going by the name Sapphire and claims to be using a burner phone. Also she’s supposedly using WhatsApp because the c*lt is intercepting her phone calls and texts. She said that “offthereservation” is CIA code for assassination. I’m so disturbed by all of this information and don’t know what to do. When she went off on me for daring to question her and accusing me of being “paid” I blocked both numbers.


  9. Shouldn’t she be dead by now, she has said she has had bone cancer for 5 years now without treatment. She is always posting that she is in pain and her cancer has taken a turn for the worse. But then pics of her going on fake revival trips which are really vacations show up with her looking healthy smiling and happy. When is she going to just die already. I know people who have had real bone cancer and after a few years they were dead. She needs to die and get it over with. Wait I forgot her cancer is fake.


  10. I reported her to the FBI. IF she’s telling the truth, everything she claims will take our entire gov’t down, OR she’s a fraud. She’s a fraud. Enjoy the FBI investigation


  11. I was her friend from Facebook from 2013-2015. We talked a lot on the phone, and I never doubted her testimony. when she began to talk about Obama, this is when I had to end communication. She never asked me for money, but I was always broke at the time anyways. I was certainly naive. I would like to talk to someone very knowledgable about spiritual warfare about a very unusual thing that happened when I was praying over the phone with her.

    One thing I always wondered about, how could she travel when she had so much “pain”, what did her parents thinks about her relationship to “Johnny” and why was she hanging out with this older dude? (creepy???). How the heck did they meet? Did she formerly have a close relationship with the Lord before she became a con-artist.

    She spoke about abuse and strange things happening at Kansas house of international prayer where she supposedly stayed for a couple of weeks. (maybe that was even before 2012).

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  12. Anyone duped by her don’t feel bad. The internet is filled with these kind of predators!!!! do yourselves a favor and go out into your community and help people!!!! She’s such a blatant con and the people she targets are usually severe abuse victims. She never knew God because you can’t consciously LIE to peoples faces, use abuse victims as your source for income and stories, and USE GOD and JESUS as your CON!!!!! She thinks she is Illuminati level mind control slave and everything she talks about she has garnered from REAL VICTIMS and it is despicable in the highest since of the word!


  13. Hepzi continues to wreak havoc on unsuspecting people who are interested in helping others. She’s still fraudulently getting people to give her money. I’m in a group of about 10 ex Avocado Warriors. She’s been reported to the FBI. And information was sent to her father. It was hard to read here that she’s been scamming people since 2011! When is this going to end?


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